Fast Weight Loss Diets – Choose Wisely!

fast-weight-loss-dietsWant to lose weight fast? Good. It IS possible, but there are some things you should know – read on!

If you’re on a mission to reach your goal weight in record time, it’s important that you come to learn how to create the best fast weight loss diets.  Diet will account for up to 90% of the results that you see with your overall approach to weight loss, so it’s really not something that you can afford to take lightly.

Fortunately, if you know how to structure your eating plan properly, you can quickly start seeing those pounds melt right off your body.

Before we dive into what you should be looking for when investigating fast weight loss diets, I’d like to share with you the Top Rated Fast Diet Programs:

Rating Website Why It’s Popular

Rated #1

Mike Geary’s ‘no nonsense’ guide to getting thin allows for eating fatty foods like eggs and diary. Packed with information that’s easy to understand and works

Rated #2 

Diet Solution founder Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist who has already helped over 25,000 people shed fat. Honest and down to earth, her program just works

Rated #3

The Master Cleanse Diet has been touted by everyone from Celebrities to MDs as one of the fastest natural ways to lose weight. Demanding, but very fast results

Ok, now let’s take a look at what the best fast weight loss diets will be and how to design your own approach to success.

Set Your Calorie Intake

fast-weight-loss-diet-set-caloriesThe very first thing that you’ll want to do when creating fast weight loss diets is to set your calorie intake.  In order to achieve results as quickly as possible, you’ll want to use a rather aggressive calorie intake, in the range of 10-11 calories per pound of body weight.

This is slightly lower than some of the plans out there, but it’s going to allow for maximum fat burning to take place.

Figure Out Your Protein Needs

fast-weight-loss-diets-proteinOnce you have your calorie intake set, then the next step to creating fast weight loss diets is to figure out your protein requirements.  Protein is a must with each snack and meal you consume, and you should be looking at taking in around 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

The leaner you are, the higher your protein intake should be within that range as you’ll stand a higher chance of losing lean muscle mass as your body starts burning up protein as a fuel source.

Protecting your lean muscle tissue needs to be the top priority on any fast weight loss diets, so don’t skip over this step.

Shift Your Carbs Around Day To Day

fast-weight-loss-diets-carbsOnce protein is set, then you need to factor in carbohydrates.  Many people make the mistake of completely eliminating their carbohydrates altogether.  While you should definitely reduce your carbs as it will help speed the process along, don’t go no carb for extended periods of time.

This will only cause problems for the metabolism and your energy levels will take a turn for the worse.

Instead, have a few high carb days added to the week amongst low carb days to keep your metabolism guessing what’s coming next and you burning calories quickly.

When you do eat carbs on your higher carb days, focus on food sources such as oats, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and fruits and vegetables.

On the low carb days, your carb sources should come primarily from vegetables with one or two pieces of fruit added in if necessary.

Remember To Take Breaks

take-breaks-fast-weight-lossFinally, last but not least, as you structure fast weight loss diets, you need to incorporate diet breaks into the plan.

If you don’t stake a diet break every so often, the body is going to eventually adapt to your diet and when it does, you’ll stop seeing progress.

Once every two to three weeks, take a weekend off where you add more calories back to the plan, still eating in moderation.

At this point you want to eat a maintenance level, which for most people is around 15 calories per pound of body weight.

This will not only help ensure your metabolism is running optimally but also help to resaturate muscle glycogen stores so that you can maintain your energy level better as you move throughout your workout sessions.

So there you have the key steps to follow to design fast weight loss diets. If you follow this advice and create your own meal plan to follow, it won’t be long before you’re sitting at your goal weight.

3 Fast Weight Loss Diets Celebrities Won’t Tell You About

Author: Cindy Ho

Those damn celebrities and their impossible bodies! It’s easy to hate think poorly of celebrities, but the truth is they work VERY hard to make being thin look VERY easy. Get it? They have an image to uphold, but behind the scenes they work out like crazy, diet like mad, and occasionally starve themselves!

Which diet should you choose, bearing in mind that some of these can be considered fad dieting? One way to find the best quick weight loss diets would be to consult your physician (they make me say that).  We will talk about three different diets that can help you to lose weight quickly. However consultation with a doctor is advised before starting on any diet.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into 3 Fast Weight Loss Diets Celebrities Won’t Tell You About!

1. The Cabbage Diet

fast-weight-loss-diets-cabbage-dietThese diets are also to be considered if you want quick weight loss. These are only temporary weight loss diets and should not be considered for long term dieting. One of the first of the quick weight loss diets is the Cabbage Soup Diet. This diet will take seven days and will help you lose 10 pounds. All you have to do is find the recipes online.

You will also need to eat other vegetables along with this particular soup. You can get burned out on this particular diet as it is low in calories and limited in scope.

2. The Grapefruit Diet

fast-weight-loss-diet-grapefruitThe Grapefruit Diet Plan is another plan that is available in the fast weight loss diets and like the Cabbage Soup Diet is also very restrictive. This is good for temporary weight loss only. There is a reason why this fits into the quick weight loss diets category and that is simply because it is so limited.

You simply add grapefruit to a low calorie and low fat diet. That is just how simple it is! Bear in mind that anyone that has a sensitive stomach may want to avoid all the acid in this diet and find a different diet to work with.

3. The 7 Day Diet

fast-weight-loss-diets-7-day-dietThe third of the quick weight loss diets plans that are worth discussing is the 7 Day Diet. This is a very simple plan for quick and effective temporary weight loss. This is not for permanent weight loss. You can lose up to 11 pounds on this diet. All you would need to do is to check the website for the diet, make a grocery list from the foods included and shop.

This is more of a one size fits all thing and is not meant for the long term. Remember non e of these diets work in the long term.

The usage of these diets comes at your own risk and their listing in this article does not constitute medical advice or treatment. You are better off consulting your doctor for a quick weight loss diet that is permanent instead of using fad dieting. He or she would be the best source of information as to what diets will work with you and what diets will be harmful to your health. There are so many different choices that it will come down to having professional advice before you start to lose weight. This is the proper way to go about dieting in a safe manner and under medical supervision.